Ferris "Spike" Satala

Ferris "Spike" Satala Spike is Bear Clan from the Hopi village of Shungopavi although he grew up in Polocca, Arizona. He has been carving kachina dolls (katsina dolls) since he was 13 years old. He carves a unique style of doll. We call it a tapered doll. The story behind the style goes like this: start from the feet; the feet are small because whatever we do in life you need to take small steps. The body is elongated so that we will have a long life. As he is carving he prays for a long life. The arms are long and skinny because life is fragile. The Head is big so you can watch out for your ego. Spike is reminded of all this when he carves. He carved contemporary kachina dolls before he began carving "old style", or traditional, kachina dolls. He started the old style because the market had changed. Once in a blue moon we will get a contemporary doll of his.