Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Katsina Doll?

Katsina Dolls are physical representations of the spirit beings of this world such as animals, plants, ancestors, and neighboring tribes. At a Katsina dance these dolls are given as gifts to Hopi girls by the katsinum as a way to teach Hopi children about their religion and to allow them to be more involved at an early age. They are used to help preserve the Hopi culture. They are also collected by people all over the world.

Katsina dolls are made from cotton root bark dirftwood, and carved with hand tools. Winter Sun focuses on "Old Style" dolls that utilize natural clay pigments for the paints.

Who makes the Katsina Dolls?

They are made exclusively by Hopi artisans.

Where does your jewelry come from?

Our jewelry comes directly from mostly Native Artists in the Greater Southwest region. This is includes but is not limited to Hopi, Diné, Santa Domingo Pueblo, Tohono O'odham, and Tarahumaran artists.

Are your herbs organic?

All of the herbs in the store are certified organic or are ethically and sustainably harvested.

Who makes the skincare products?

All of the skincare products in the store are made by the owners two daughters DeeAnn and Denise. They each have their own skin care product lines as well as a collaborative line. They focus on making all natural plant based products.