Super Salve Gift Pack  - The Super Salve Co.

Super Salve Gift Pack

The Super Salve Co.


The Super Salve gift pack is a sampling of some of the top-selling products from the Super Salve Co.  It is a great way to try some of the most popular items, and determine what your personal favorites are!  It also makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

 Contains 1 of each Sample Size of:

.16 oz. Calendula Lip Balm

.16 oz. Comfrey Leaf Lip Balm

.50 oz. Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream

.50 oz. Coconut Cream

.50 oz. Calendula Salve

.50 oz. Arnica Muscle Easing Salve

.50 oz. Super Salve Tin

.50 oz. Sun Salve Tube, SPF 27

1.0 oz. Calendula Lotion

1.0 oz. Jasmine Lotion

1.0 oz. Comfrey Leaf Lotion

1.0 oz. Cocoa Mango Skin Oil

1.0 oz. Citrus or Mochachino Body Butter


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