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Combo Cream by The Super Salve Co.

The Super Salve Co.


Combo Cream by The Super Salve Co. is a spectacular combination of our Nourishing Jasmine Lotion, Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream, and Scent of the Herb Calendula Flower Lotion. It is a rich, creamy and highly nourishing fusion of herbs and oils that reinvigorate your skin. You can feel confident knowing it is an all-natural and plant-based moisturizer, made of ethically sourced and high quality ingredients. When you can't choose between all of our amazing creams, you can't go wrong with the Super Salve Combo Cream!

Directions: Apply generously to face and body as needed.

Ingredients: Mimosa Blossom Flower, Jasmine Floral Butter, Organic Calendula Flower, and Organic Comfrey Leaf Infused oil. See each product description for the individual ingredients in each cream.


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