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Super Salve by The Super Salve Co.


Super Salve is the original product that started the entire Super Salve Co.  It was originally formulated for the Grand Canyon river runners and hikers who are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Today, it used by river runners, outdoor enthusiasts, and causal day-trippers alike. This salve is beneficial when applied to the cuts, scrapes, bumps, bruises and dry skin that comes along with being in the great outdoors. It is an all-natural and plant-based formula of herbs and essential oils that have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It is the perfect addition to any first aid kit, backpack, purse, or glove box. You can bring this salve with you anywhere you go to experience the pure herbal comfort that it provides.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to cuts, scrapes, and cracked skin as needed.

CONTAINS: Olive oil; organic chaparral leaf; comfrey leaf; echinacea flower; hops flower; usnea moss; beeswax; cocoa butter; sweet almond oil; vitamin E oil; and pure essential oils of lemon, lemon grass, lavender, tea tree, and cajaput.


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