Creosote Salve in a 1 oz. gold container with a picture of creosote on the front, all against a white background
The backside of a 1 oz. tin of Apotheca Vulgaris Creosote Salve with a list of ingredients, all against a white background

Creosote Salve

Apotheca Vulgaris


Creosote a.k.a Chaparral (Larrea tridentata) is the plant most attributed to giving the the desert its wonderful smell after a monsoon rain. It is also naturally endowed with many healing properties. It is great salve for cuts and scrapes because the plant is said to possess antimicrobial properties. It also great on dry or cracked skin, and will leave your hands feeling moisturized and smelling like rain. It is the perfect salve for desert dwellers, or for those who would like to carry the smell of the desert with them wherever they go.  It is great in a first aid kit, purse, backpack, or glove box. It does not contain any essential oils, making it great for people whose skin is sensitive to essential oils. 1 oz.

Directions: Apply as needed to cuts, scrapes, or dry skin

Ingredients: Creosote (Larrea Tridentata), Sweet Almond Oil, and Beeswax from the Flagstaff area.


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