Cedar/Juniper Berry Necklace-plain, Ghost Beads  - Winter Sun Trading Co.

Cedar/Juniper Berry Necklace-plain, Ghost Beads

Winter Sun Trading Co.



Traditional Navajo grandmothers living in northern Arizona in the American southwest make Juniper seed necklaces. The seeds are collected from Juniper trees growing in abundance in the pinion Juniper Woodlands of the Colorado Plateau. The ripe or dried seeds are collected and cleaned by hand, then strung with other beads to make these lovely necklaces.

The Juniper tree represents long life and is utilized in many traditional ceremonies and as medicine. Tradition dictates that wearing Juniper beads brings good luck and protection from evil forces.

Faye Bia Knoki, Navajo Traditional Midwife, says that when a woman goes into labor, she wears Juniper seed birthing beads to protect her from negative forces. Through this protection the woman’s mind relaxes as the energy flows through her body, and as the baby moves into position to be born, the natural rupture of membranes is hastened and the birth goes smoothly. A single strand of juniper beads is also made for the newborn’s wrist for protection, happiness, and long life.

The beads may also be used for protection and to feel safe whenever one feels afraid, night or day.





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