One tube of Calendula Lip Balm With Sunscreen from The Super Salve Co. is seen against a white background at Winter Sun Trading Co.

Calendula Lip Balm by The Super Salve Co.

The Super Salve Co.


The Calendula Lip Balm from the Super Salve Co. is a rich and creamy, all natural herbal lip balm with sunscreen. Calendula is esteemed for being a fantastic skin healing herb, and that is why it has found a place in this amazing lip balm.  It instantly soothes rough, dry, cracked, or sunburned lips. The addition of cocoa butter provides a pleasing, gentle chocolate aroma. One of our most popular lip balms!

Application: Apply liberally and as often as needed.

All Natural Ingredients: Organic calendula flower, beeswax, jojoba oil, olive oil, kukui nut oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, 3% avobenzone, and organic flavorings of orange and chocolate.


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