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Philbert Honanie

Cotton Wood root, natural pigments and materials

Philbert Honanie is Coyote Clan from the village of Hotevilla on Third mesa. He is one of the first carvings to revitalize the old style or traditional method of Katsina doll carving. He only uses natural pigments that he collects and processes from around his village and gathers the cottonwood root that he carves from the San Juan river in southern Utah. He carves to help people understand and appreciate the Hopi culture and uses only an pocket knife to carve with, and keeps his dolls simple to help people appreciate the designs and motifs used in Hopi carving.
Jonah Hill

Carvings, Sterling silver jewelry

Jonah Hill is Rabbit and Tobacco clan from the Hopi and Quechan tribes, and is from the village of Kykotsmovi Arizona. Jonah is an accomplished artist that works in a variety of mediums that include wood, metals, photography, printmaking, and works at Winter Sun as an herbalist. He has been carving Hopi katsina dolls and sculptures for over ten years and has been creating some amazing metal jewelry utilizing the overlay technique and various casting methods. He is an avid gardener and teaches community workshops on medicinal plant use, gardening techniques, seed saving and utilizing natives plants in the home garden. He is inspired to create his artwork through his interaction with nature and enjoying time with his family.
Mary Coriz Lovato

Inlay Jewlery

Mary Coriz Lovato, daughter of Santiago Leo Coriz, was born to the Corn Clan. Besides raising five sons to become accomplished silversmiths, Mary finds time to turn out some of the finest Indian jewelry found today, Mary's forte is inlaid shell earrings and pendants, a blend of the contemporary and traditional. Her work has become the standard by which shell inlaid jewelry is measured. Slivers of turquoise, pipestone, serpentine, coral, jet, and mother-of-pearl reflect the colors of the Sun's glow.
Ferris "Spike" Satala

Traditional Old Style Katsina Dolls

Ferris "Spike" Satala Spike is Bear Clan from the village of Shungopavi although he grew up in Polocca, He has been carving since he was 13 years old. He carves a unique style of doll. We call it a tapered doll. The story behind that style is: Starting from the feet; the feet are small because whatever we do in life you need to take small steps. The body is elongated so that we will have a long life. As he is carving he prays for a long life. The Arms are long and skinny because life is fragile. The Head is big so you can watch out for your ego. Spike is reminded of all this when he carves. He carved contemporary dolls before he did "old style". He started the old style because the market had changed. Once in a blue moon we will get a contemporary doll of his.
Wayland Namingha Jr.

Traditional Old Style Katsina Dolls

Wayland Namingha Jr. is Bear clan from the village of Kykotsmovi. He started carving in 2009 and the first show he entered his carvings (The Hopi Tuhisma market) he wont 1st and 2nd place. Since then he has won numerous awards at the Museum of Northern Arizona, Heard Museum and the Santa Fe Indian Market. Some of his favorite dolls to carve are Dawa, Badger and Hemis Katsina.
Kevin Honyouti

Old Style Katsina Dolls

Hi I'm Kevin Honyouti from Hotevilla village, AZ. I am Coyote clan. I've been carving the traditional or "old style" for about 3 or 4 years now. I use natural pigments (sands, clays, etc.) to paint my dolls. Thank you.
Watson Namoki

Katsina doll carver

Watson is a Hopi carver from First Mesa, AZ the village of Polocca. He is from the Fire Clan. Although most of his carvings are done in the contemporary style, there is a uniqueness that is special to Winter Sun.
Ray Lovato

Turquoise Slab earrings, Hishi strand necklaces

Ray Lovato (Santo Domingo Pueblo) was born in 1946. Ray uses only natural turquoise to create his elegant jewelry. Taught by his parents, Ike and Tonita Lovato, Ray began making jewelry at age eleven. He is best known for his hand drilled stone necklaces, which can vary from simple chokers to larger necklaces with jackals. Ray's jewelry is shown at important galleries and museums throughout the country. Ray has been a Winter Sun artist for 30 years. His children and grand-children are following in his footsteps.
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Established in 1976

The Winter Sun Trading Company was established in 1976 in Arizona by Phyllis Hogan. This unique family business is owned and operated by Phyllis and her two daughters. The shop specializes in Native American art and Southwest botanicals. The art gallery offers a wide range of genuine hand crafted jewelry, baskets, paintings, and a wide variety of Traditional style Hopi Katsina carvings.

The Winter Sun apothecary started with 25 plants. Most of those were ceremonial or ritual herbs. Today we offer one of the largest selections of organic and wild crafted herbs in the Southwest. Our plants are harvested at the time of their optimal strength and hand processed by knowledgable Winter Sun staff-- no animal testing is done. Our liquid extracts-- referred to as tinctures-- are easier to use, convenient, and more potent than tea. Our goal is to provide the finest service available to our wonderful patrons and we are glad to help you in any way.


Phyllis Hogan has been a practicing Southwest herbalist for 25 years. She is the proprietor of the Winter Sun Trading Company, located in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA established in 1976. Winter Sun specializes in traditional organic southwest herbs and tinctures and American Indian Art, focusing on the Hopi and Navajo of northern Arizona.

In 1983 she co-founded the Arizona Ethnobotanical Research Association (AERA), a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit educational and scientific organization. The AERA was organized to investigate, document, and preserve traditional plant use in Arizona and the greater southwest. The AERA was recently awarded recognition by the American Herbalist guild at their 14th annual symposium for outstanding contributions in the field of American ethnobotany.

Hogan has lectured on southwest herbal medicines and their traditional uses throughout the United States and in Finland. In April of 2000 she was keynote speaker for the first ethnobotanical festival at the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center in Austin,Texas. She has taught ethnobotany in bilingual education programs and health education for the Pima, Hualapai, Havasupai, Hopi, and Navajo tribes.


Jonah Louis Eugene Hill, a member of the Hopi Tobacco/Rabbit Clan, is an enthobotanist currently apprenticing with Phyllis Hogan in Flagstaff. His focus is identifying medicinal plants and how to use them properly. It is his belief that if we start to reintroduce the knowledge of how to properly use and collect plants in a sustainable and respectful way to our younger generations, we can prevent further loss of valuable knowledge and to ensure that our way of life and culture remains with us for hundreds of years to come. Jonah is also a Master Naturalist, Master Watershed Steward, and a Project Learning Tree educator, helping grade-school level children focus on nature and how they can be productive members in helping to preserve our natural resources.

In his Hopi community, surrounded by multi-hued mesas, washes, valleys, and the boundless sky, he and his siblings learned that everything around us contains its own life force and positive and negative energies. This upbringing also influences his artwork, which he uses to directly teach the various intricacies of the Hopi culture and religion through stories and symbolism.

Anthony Wintersun Artists

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Jill Wintersun Artists

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Candice Winter Sun

I have been part of the Winter Sun family since my childhood days. My Late father Marvin Lomahaftewa was an artist-in-residence in the mid 80's and my sisters and I were able to hang out with him in the "studio" of the Winter Sun shop's original Flagstaff location. In the early 2000's I came to Flagstaff to attend N.A.U. and was able to come back to the WinterSun family I have grown my own little family amongst the beauty of the art and the healing of the plants held within the space of the Winter Sun Trading Co.

I am privileged to say I have apprenticed herbs 12+ years under the nurturing guidance of Phyllis Hogan. I have also given hands-on demonstrations to school groups on the subject of Ethnobotany with emphasis to the connection with Hopi toys.

Meaghan Winter Sun

Meaghan Smith has her roots in Cultural Anthropogy, Ayurvedic Nutrition and cooking.  Meaghan is the proprietor and chef at Harvest Catering, a small, locally owned and operated business located in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Meaghan is committed to the profound healing power of sustainable, locally-grown, organic foods and is a passionate advocate of the local foods movement, as well as farm to table meals. Meaghan believes that Mother Nature has provided humanity with everything necessary to not only nourish but to heal the body.  She trusts in the ability of plants to facilitate the healing process, which has led to a deeper study of botanical medicine which inevitably led her to work and study at Winter Sun Trading Company.

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