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Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil- 15 ml

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Ylang-ylang is a cooling oil that can be soothing and calming for the heart and mood. This incredibly luxurious oil has been trusted for centuries for beautifying the skin. Ylang-ylang is renowned as a natural regulator of sebum, and can be applied to equal effect on mature and youthful skin due to its balancing effect on both skin types. Also having an affinity for the hair, it is often used to impart fuller, more luxurious hair and encourage growth. Ylang-ylang is a general tonic for the entire body.

The emotional hallmark of ylang-ylang may be a gentle feeling of well being, which can be used during all phases of life to uplift emotions and soothe body and mind. It can help calm over-excited states and can be used to support grounding and stabilization during experiences of fear and upset.

Ylang-ylang can beautifully raise the spirit, relax mind and body, open the heart, and may enhance sensual moods. It may inspire creativity, boost self esteem and promote peace, joy and inner trust. Ylang-ylang is an oil that belongs in everyone’s perfumery and apothecary — it is a true treasure from the world of flowers.

Safety Considerations for Complete Ylang-ylang Essential Oil:

Ylang-ylang is classed as non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing; however, excessive use has been reported to lead to headaches and nausea. Do not take ylang-ylang essential oil internally.


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