Neroli-Petitgrain Co-distillation Essential Oil- 1 dram  - Floracopeia Oils

Neroli-Petitgrain Co-distillation Essential Oil- 1 dram

Floracopeia Essential Oils


Well-rounded and complex, our neroli petitgrain co-distillation skillfully blends the honeyed fragrance of neroli oil with the pungent, slightly bitter notes of petitgrain. Organically distilling both the blossoms, leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree produces an aromatic matrix of floral citrus which is uniquely euphoric and sensual.

Unlike neroli, petitgrain does not have a long history of therapeutic use. Until recently it was used exclusively for perfumery purposes. Both neroli and petitgrain, however, are notable for their calming, centering, uplifting effect. Both are supportive to all body systems, and are known to promote comfort in the muscles and joints and encourage a balanced monthly cycle for women. Employed in direct inhalation, this oil will settle cramps or an upset belly. Similarly applied, both the emotional and physical heart may be soothed and supported by the use of neroli petitgrain oil. This blend is well suited for use when convalescing after illness. Petitgrain and neroli co-distillation is lovely for enhancing skin health and balance, improving tone, texture and clarity.

The calming and settling effect of neroli petitgrain renders it useful to promote relaxation, uplift the mood, reduce stress, and support the body to stabilize after shock or trauma. A tonic and restorative to the brain, diffused neroli petitgrain soothes and uplifts the mind while relaxing the body. Neroli petitgrain can also promote deep, restful sleep. A well-known oil used to inspire sensual moods, neroli/petitgrain can be used in a bath or diluted in a massage oil to celebrate a loved one.

Petitgrain refers to the steam distillation of organic neroli leaves and twigs. Floracopeia’s Neroli Petitgrain is a codistillation of organic neroli blossoms and the petitgrain green parts of the plant.
Safety Considerations for Neroli-Petitgrain Co-distillation Essential Oil:

Non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritant. Do not take neroli essential oil internally.


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