Neem Essential Oil - 15 mL  - Floracopeia Oils

Neem Essential Oil - 15 mL

Floracopeia Essential Oils


Floracopeia's new Neem Medicinal Oil is a 100% pure, refined oil. The butters have been naturally separated out for ease of use and high concentration of the medicinal properties.

Long considered a cure-all in India, and enshrined in Ayurvedic medicine for its phenomenally broad, deep restorative powers, this bitter extract of the Neem or "noble tree" is organically grown and harvested in the coastal Indian state of Tamil Nadu. To use this oil, you may have to warm it in a bit of hot water. In Ayurvedic medicine, neem seed oil is considered a master detoxifying agent, operating on numerous benificient levels through topical application (never internal). The strong and bitter oil is employed to bring comfort to our bodies especially in the areas that carry out a lot of activity. Its broad spectrum functions in general promote health and restoration throughout many phases of life. Neem is popularly used to keep the hair and scalp clear and teeth and mouth clean. Comprised of over 70% fatty acids (oleic and stearic) neem oil finds use in the realm of beauty, wherein neem is diluted in a base oil and applied to improve skin smoothness and texture. A potent insecticide, neem oil can be mixed with water and sprayed on plants (indoors and out) to control pests.
Neem Medicinal Oil Safety Guidelines:

There are conflicting reports and opinions about the toxicity of neem oil. At all times neem oil should be used in small amounts, and always highly diluted. Neem oil should NEVER be taken internally, or used on children, the elderly or frail, or during pregnancy.


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