Christmas Clown Katsina by Larry Melendez

Christmas Clown Kachina (Koyaala Katsina) by Larry Melendez

Larry Melendez


You've probably never seen a Clown Kachina quite like this! Koshari, Koyaala, or Hano, are some of the names that the clown kachina goes by across the Hopi Mesas. They are the mischief makers, and they use trickery, exaggerated expressions, and mimicry to provide social commentary about how behaviors of one affect whole.  They are light-hearted and teach lessons about moderation and consideration of others by portraying societal extremes.  They playfully poke fun at many aspects of society.  Here we have a clown kachina doll dressed up in Christmas garb.  It is a unique and hilarious portrayal of the melding of cultures and the many things that come with "the holidays".  It measures 13 3/4 inches tall. It is painted with natural mineral paints, and carved from cottonwood root by the amazing Hopi Artist Larry Melendez.  A perfect gift for yourself or a loved on this holiday season!

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