Hopi Kachina Dolls

Kachina dolls, or Katsina dolls, are special figures that are exclusively made by the Hopi. The Hopi have inhabited Northern Arizona for more than a thousand years, and have strived to maintain their culture during that time. One tool the Hopi use to help preserve their culture is the kachina doll or katsin tihu. Kachina dolls are physical representations of the spirit beings of this world such as animals, plants, ancestors, and neighboring tribes.

At a katsina dance these dolls are given as gifts to Hopi girls by the katsinum as a way to teach Hopi children about their religion and to allow them to be more involved at an early age. 'Katsina' is the traditional spelling, but 'kachina' has become the spelling that is most familiar in commerce.

Traditional Hopi kachina dolls are handmade from cottonwood root and painted with natural pigments. This is the beautiful style of doll that can be found on the walls of Winter Sun, all created by exceptionally talented Hopi artists spanning several generations. We have a large collection of kachina dolls for sale, and have made some available to buy online.